The Do’s and Dont’s of Pregnancy Skincare.

So you have a perfect skincare routine in place. You’ve stuck to your regime religiously for the last six months to achieve the perfect complexion… and then you see the plus sign on the pregnancy stick! During pregnancy (and ideally breastfeeding too!) there are a few ingredients in medical-grade skincare that is recommended to stay clear off. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a good skincare routine in place to prevent those sky high hormones causing any breakouts or pigmentation

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Check the ingredients in your products and if you have any of the following, simply switch to the pregnancy safe alternative. Try to keep to a strict routine, as these weaker ingredients have a less potent effect on the skin, so the more you are on top of your skincare the less you have to worry about having a skin relapse and having to treat this post-pregnancy.


Retinols (Vitamin A)

Unfortunately this holy grail of skincare ingredient has got to be tossed in the bin! Or at least put to the side of the cupboard for a whole nine months (or more if breastfeeding). Instead switch to the safe plant-based alternative Bakuchiol to help with texture control and anti-ageing.

BHAs aka Salicylic Acid

BHAs should be avoided and instead gentler AHAs or PHAs can be used for chemical exfoliation.


This pigment controlling agent is a definite no-no during pregnancy. However, it is important to keep on top of your pigment control, as it is common for our pregnancy hormones to cause pigmentation. Instead use a Vitamin C serum daily to prevent any unwanted pregnancy pigmentation or previous pigment relapse.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Switch out products containing peroxides for AHA exfoliation or use a weekly clay mask.

Lastly don’t forget to keep on top of that daily SPF to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation!




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