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ZO Correct & Conceal Acne Treatment Light 2.5g

Consultation Only; Price on Application

This product can only be purchased after an online skincare assessment with our medical team.

Consultations can be booked via the booking page.

ZO Skin Correct & Conceal (Light Acne) is a targeted spot treatment that attacks acne-causing bacteria while concealing blemishes and erasing visible signs of acne. Full-strength acne medicine penetrates the skin to clear up blackheads and whiteheads or any type of acne vulgaris, in addition to prevention future face blemishes from appearing. What’s more, it includes advanced phyto-technology extracted from Sichuan Pepper to help calm and soothe skin. Clinically proven Ceramide 2, manuka honey and jojoba esters keep skin nourishes and moisturised, allowing acne vulgaris to heal.



Soft focus concealer provides an instant, natural, long-lasting matte coverage.

Maximum strength acne medication treats and prevents spots on the surface of the skin and within the pores.

Added tea tree oil helos keep skin clean.

Minimises redness & irritastion associated with acne lesion.

Exclusive multi-action redness redcuer system rapidly relieves discomfort associated with acne pimples.

Triple-acion nourishing comples keeps skin hydrated while helping to prevent inadequate healing that can lead to post-acne marks.




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