Go Medical Grade or Mainstream with your Skincare?

The majority of us don’t know much about medical grade skincare or generally think it’s only for people with severe skin problems, that have been referred to their dermatologist. But what is the truth behind medical grade skincare, and are cosmeceutical mainstream products really just glorified moisturisers?

Our skincare expert, Dr Zamena at the Medical Spa explains it all for us.

Medical Grade Skincare

Medical grade systems (i.e. professional brands such as Obagi Medical) use evidence-based research and products with high-strength, active ingredients and sophisticated delivery systems to penetrate deep into your skin. These ingredients correct the damage within your skin and increase the cell turnover. This means your skin will go through an amazing transformation on the outside, which is the direct result of a deep cellular transformation on the inside. These products can really have great effects at preventing and correcting skin damage caused by sun damage, ageing, stress, trauma, pollution and hormonal changes.

Go Medical Grade or Mainstream with your Skincare

Cosmeceutical Skincare

Mainstream skincare (i.e. high street brands) claim to be beneficial and can be but are not approved by FDA and don’t need to undergo rigorous research. They have a lower concentration of biologically active ingredients compared with medical grade products and lack the delivery system to reach target cells. This means they will be unable to make cellular changes in our skin and rely heavily on moisturisers to temporarily ‘plump up’ the outer layer of our skin. Their composition of ultimately ‘inactive‘ ingredients will consequently affect their pricing and they will be much cheaper compared to medical grade products.

Go Medical Grade or Mainstream with your Skincare

In Conclusion

The brand you use will make a huge difference to your protection level and skin results. Ultimately your skin health is dependent on its cellular function. So using products that simply sit on the skin surface, giving you the illusion of ’good-looking‘ skin will not do much for your skin in the long run!

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